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4 Tips for Planning Your Dream Kitchen

Make this year your time to complete those long-awaited home transformations. Not sure where to get started? Look no further than KTF.

Located in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, our expert designers are on hand to help you gather ideas, provide valuable advice, and design dream spaces. The first step: Booking a Design Appointment. Click here to contact us.

Once that’s done, here are our 4 tips for getting prepared for your design appointment.

1. Come to your kitchen design appointment with some starting points

Even though your KTF designer is happy to sit and discuss design and style possibilities, why not get inspired prior to your appointment with them so you can bring your own ideas to the table? Whether it be colour inspiration, decor, or maybe even ideas you undoubtedly want to avoid. These can be helpful for your designer as you collaborate on designing your space.

2. Explore social media platforms

Over on Instagram we post content regularly and inspiration for kitchens. Not only can you get some creative, design inspiration, you can take specific doors and ideas that your KTF designer will be able to supply to you. Have you got your eye on a certain colour, door style or layout in mind? Simply Save the posts you’re inspired by and keep them in your phone ready for your design appointment.

Over at @KTFKitchens you can check out some content to get your creative juices flowing.

3. Don’t forget about the small details

Your KTF designer will also be able to guide you with this, but don’t get swept up in the whirlwind of colour samples and door styles, there are also the finer details to think about that really bring a room together. From storage solutions and lighting features, to different work surface materials and handle finishes, these details can make a huge difference in the aesthetic and practicality of your design.

4. Trust in your KTF kitchen designer

Fourth and finally…trust in your experienced kitchen designer. KTF Kitchen Designers live and breath kitchens. They keep abreast of the latest trends and innovations and have extensive experience in home transformations. Our showroom is equipped with copious samples of door styles, work surfaces and accessories.

You can be assured your project is in safe hands. Ask questions, explore design ideas, and let your newly renovated space unfold before your eyes using the latest CAD software programmes.

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